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       Xiamen Xinhengjie Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of screw, external hexagonal assembly screw, internal hexagonal assembly screw, electronic and electrical appliance assembly screw, 8.8-grade hexagonal screw, 10.9-grade bolt, etc. Our company integrates the design, development, production and sale of bolts. To meet customer needs, we have introduced advanced cold header, washer assembled  screw machine and so on. Our related testing employs three-dimensional optical detector, sclerometer, torsion machine, salt mist tester, etc. Guided by the principle of quality first, honest cooperation, concrete effort and progress, advance with the times, joint creation and win-win outcome, we shall continue to adhere to a strong market orientation and the objective of strengthening after-sales service in order to become a partner that wins general trust from customers.



       Service area: Screw is an indispensable industrial necessity for our daily life, such as camera, glasses, horologe, and electronics; tiny screw in use; general screw for TV, electrical products, musical instrument and furniture; large screw and nut for engineering, buildings and bridges; both large and small screws are used for transportation equipment such as airplane, electric car and car.

Screw plays a pivotal role in industry. As long as there is industry on the earth, the function of screw remains crucial all the time.


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