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The stainless steel screws that share the bike contain "High-tech"

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The stainless steel screws that share the bike contain "High-tech"

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2017/08/11 10:52
 Bicycles are parked in the open air all day long, and they can't stand the sun and rain. They are testing the quality and the appeal of all kinds of bicycle accessories. Watch closely for shared bikes, and you'll find many screws fastened on them, which seem insignificant but play an important part. If the screw is easy to disassemble, the problem of sharing the Bicycle stolen is increased, and if the key part of the screw is loose, it will cause the breakdown of the bicycle, affect riding, and even endanger safety.
Special bike sharing based on security, reduce the failure rate to meet the needs of users, enhance the travel experience is particularly important, and solve these problems we need to do a bicycle accessories each set with the details of the deal Use the bike sharing screws, and the daily life we see the screw different common screws are cross recessed screws, and screw or groove, inner six angle groove screw, Torx screws, the corresponding wrench is relatively common, remove the screw is simple. While sharing bikes are used stainless steel anti-theft screws, stainless steel screws such as gold production Ruikang Cheng, has also been widely used in the market several well-known brands of bike sharing. It is understood that there are two kinds of stainless steel screws used for sharing bicycles on the market. One is an anti-theft screw with six corners and a column, and the other is a plum blossom slot with screw. The non standard groove type with plum blossom column can better play the role of anti demolition and anti-theft. In addition, when riding in different parts of the road, the bike can not avoid vibration, the thread of the glue can be a good solution to this problem. A waterproof screw with a red waterproof rubber ring underneath the screw head prevents the rain from entering the bicycle. Precisely because of this unique design, it has achieved effective rust prevention, anti-theft, corrosion protection. At present, more and more young people have shared bicycles for sports, at the same time, the problem of traffic congestion is still rising, the car will share a wide range of popularity, while the stainless steel anti-theft screw Rui Kang Cheng appears, undoubtedly the achievements and indissoluble bound bicycle accessories, stereotyped structure has been unable to meet the demand of the bike sharing, which if only a small screw, focus on the details of the quality of innovation, is to represent the general trend, and vital.
2017, screw manufacturing enterprises to develop, we must rely on "professional", "superb"
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