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Thinking on the development of fastener and screw industry in China

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Thinking on the development of fastener and screw industry in China

Industry news
2017/08/16 10:06
 At present, Chinese sustained economic stability and rapid development, screw fasteners industry is also continuing to overcome various difficulties, seize the domestic market, relying on the development of high-speed rail, automobile, shipbuilding, advanced manufacturing, IT and electronic appliances and other major emerging industries, has been the transformation of innovation, as the focus, the adjustment of product structure unremittingly, also let the fastening fasteners industry to achieve the steady trend of rise.
The reason why exports increased sharply year by year, due to the 2009 financial crisis and the European Union anti-dumping influence, China's fastener screw export volume is the lowest in history, only 1 million 610 thousand tons." Feng Jinyao explained.
In terms of total sales and production, sales in China and Japan were close to $9 billion 375 million and $9 billion 690 million respectively, but the total sales were 6 million 200 thousand tonnes and 2 million 870 thousand tonnes. That is to say, our export fasteners screw products are the largest tonnage, but the added value is the lowest, so we must work on the export of technical content, value-added efforts." Feng Jinyao stressed.
He told reporters that after several years of industrial restructuring and restructuring, the rapid development of the fastener industry in South Korea shocked. He has visited two factories in South Korea, one of the companies with more than 200 employees, the annual sales of 600 million yuan, the per capita labor productivity is 2 million yuan, more than 300 employees in an enterprise to create a sales of about 1000000000 yuan, 2 million 500 thousand yuan per capita labor productivity means. "Almost all of the workshops are automated production."".
At the same time, high strength, non-standard special-shaped products have also been rapid development, nearly 60% of the total market. "Greatly enhance the average product price of the industry in 2011."".
Worry is that small and micro enterprises are many and scattered, low value-added products, excess production capacity, and many enterprises dumping low, the market is not standardized, the competitiveness of enterprises is not strong.
"Special, special, fine" is our fastening screw industry to take a road." Feng Jinyao said, "the first step, I hope that enterprises can raise per capita labor productivity to 500 thousand ~100 million yuan, only more than 1 million yuan, enterprises have the ability to participate in market competition."."
Feng Jinyao believes that the development of the industry in the last five years mixed. The joy is to improve industrial concentration, leading enterprises to maintain rapid growth, the emergence of a gem, Changshu enterprises exceeding 1 billion yuan; at the same time, also appeared in Ningbo, Shandong, Shanghai Jinding high strength mark five, Zhejiang Zhapu and a number of enterprises exceeding 500 million yuan; and nearly 200 ultra billion yuan enterprises.
The most important thing for enterprises is to improve their fighting ability, and grasp the quality and take the high-quality route. For fastening screw enterprise development road, special, special, fine will be the only way for our development.
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